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    Women in the Workforce Part 9: Is This All?

    Posted by Lee Yarborough on 8/3/22 3:00 PM

    Is this all? Well-educated middle-class suburban women in the early 1960s begin to push ...

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    Health Insurance and Employer Responsibilities

    Posted by HR Division of Propel HR on 7/28/22 3:30 PM

    Do you provide health insurance for your employees? If so, you should be familiar with ...

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    Women in the Workforce Part 8: The Myth of the Ideal Woman

    Posted by Lee Yarborough on 7/20/22 3:00 PM

    The 1960s began just as the 1950s ended. Women were still considered the weaker sex, and ...

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    8 Ways To Better Manage Remote Workers

    Posted by Robert Cutchin on 12/29/16 8:00 AM

    As you look at ways to maximize profits in 2017, keep in mind that one effective method ...

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    Topics: Employee Management

    The Ultimate Guide to HR Acronyms and Initialisms

    Posted by Robert Cutchin on 11/17/16 8:00 AM

    Acronyms and initialisms are first letter abbreviations that promise to save time and ...

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    Topics: Human Resources, PEO, Small Business, FLSA, ACA

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