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What we do

What We Do

Our business is taking care of your business.

We manage complicated administrative and HR tasks like payroll, benefits and compliance, using powerful Human Capital Management software by UKG (Kronos) and Worklio. We are an IRS-Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) and offer full-service PEO options, as well as individual payroll and HR solutions. 




When it comes to payroll, there’s no room for mistakes or delays. Propel provides the assurance and peace of mind that your employees’ paychecks are always accurate and delivered right on time. 

But that’s not all. We simplify the time-consuming process and complexities of managing payroll and take care of things like employee onboarding, payroll tax withdrawals, and timely IRS deposits. 

Our dedicated team of payroll experts integrates your new employees into our digital payroll-processing system and also trains your team to submit payroll reports quickly and accurately. 

We support your company’s payroll with:

  • A cloud-based payroll portal for your business
  • Online employee access to pay stubs, W-2s, benefits information, and company handbooks
  • Paperless, efficient direct deposits

And if you need more help, we will also handle your benefits, compliance, and other important HR-related tasks — also managed securely in the cloud – and can recommend custom solutions based on your industry, size, and location.

By taking care of all this and more, you can get busy running your business, not your payroll.


Providing a competitive benefits package is one of the most important ways to attract and keep top employees. Yet many businesses, especially small businesses, often find providing high-quality benefits unaffordable. From identifying the type of benefits you should offer, sourcing the best carriers and plans to streamlining the administration process, we make managing your benefits program easy.

By working with a Propel, you gain access to better benefit options, like quality health insurance through our Master Health Plan. Our ability to pool employees together into one group allows us to negotiate better health plans at lower rates. Administered by BlueChoice HealthPlan, one of the nation’s largest and most trusted health insurance providers, our comprehensive medical insurance plans are designed to fit your employee’s needs and your budget.  

Other benefits of our plan include:

  • Lower Premiums. Larger employee pools mean that rates are lower and less volatile. 
  • Better Benefits. BlueChoice HealthPlan, a part of an AM Best A+ rated Health Insurance Carrier. Your employees also save on all-inclusive copays at the doctor’s office and have access to vision, chiropractic, and EAP benefits.
  • Greater Coverage. The plan can begin any time of year and provides access to leading health, wellness, and medical programs, including 98 percent of S.C. doctors and hospitals and access to BlueCard PPO Network in all 50 states.

In addition to our Master Health Plan, Propel offers comprehensive employee benefits solutions, including:

  • Health insurance administration
  • Ancillary benefits administration (dental, vision, disability, and life)
  • COBRA administration
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance
  • Guidance on wage and salary, educational opportunities, and financial well-being.


Who wouldn’t want an easier way to manage Human Resources? The latest software helps businesses work smarter and faster. Powered by UKG, formerly Kronos, this leading Human Capital Management (HCM) software features a suite of scalable tools to help you manage an entire workforce with much more efficiency than ever before.

It’s no surprise that our clients have a lot of positive things to say about the many advantages of UKG. Aimed at small to midsize businesses, UKG offers a lot of functionality with the most enhancements focused on workforce management, HR, and payroll. Our cloud-based technology eliminates paperwork and allows your team to administer every aspect of Human Resources 24/7, across devices, and from anywhere in the world. 

Because your data, such as timekeeping, payroll, HR, and talent management, is updated in real-time in one unified system, you can make more strategic hires, onboard employees faster, drive efficiencies, reduce compliance risks, control costs, and much more. 

Benefits include: 

  • Real-time data allows accurate organizes data quickly
  • Simplifies the process
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Secure
  • Saves time and money
  • Benefits to small companies
  • Integrates all data points in one place


From managing a remote workforce to keeping up with new employment laws, businesses are exposed to a number of risks. Propel helps you reduce those risks and prevent costly compliance violations by staying on top of state and federal laws and ever-changing reporting requirements and deadlines.

Offered as a standalone service or as part of our IRS-certified PEO arrangement, your business gains access to our team of HR experts to help you with: 

ACA Compliance. Backed by considerable experience in employee benefits, along with knowledge of ACA legislation, our ACA specialists provide guidance on ways to keep your business compliant long-term. 

Risk Management. If you have a business, on-the-job injuries are inevitable. Our team of safety and risk-management helps protect your business by identifying potential hazards and liabilities and recommending the training and procedures.

Workers’ Comp. Our comprehensive Workers’ Compensation insurance plan has you covered with benefits, such as: 

  • Enhanced cash flow for your business
  • No annual deposits or audits
  • Optional pay-as-you-go program, with no down payment required for qualified businesses
  • And if an injury occurs, our team will handle the claims processing and manage the process from beginning to end.

Additional HR-related Areas. 

  • Follow requirements for workforce classifications, overtime pay, and work-time record-keeping under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA).
  • Meet eligibility requirements and administration under Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  • Respond to complaints under EEOC guidelines. 

Premium PEO & Essential PEO

When it comes to managing your workforce, all businesses want to control costs, reduce compliance risks, and increase productivity. The right PEO plan can help.


From accurate payrolls to expert HR guidance to intuitive software, our Essential PEO has everything you need, including access to our National BlueChoice Master Health Plan.

Because it’s powered by Worklio Payroll Software, managing HR is simple and efficient. This cloud-based software speeds up time-consuming administrative tasks associated with running payroll, managing benefits, Workers' Comp, and HR. Customized reporting offers real-time data for more effective forecasting. And in a few easy steps, you can automate the entire hiring and onboarding process from beginning to end.

Because labor laws are constantly changing, our Essential PEO addresses those important areas that can put your small business at risk for costly compliance violations. Under the Essential PEO, your business receives guidance on HR training and development, ACA assistance, FLSA, FMLA, and EEOC guidance, employee relations consultation, personnel file management, policies and practices development, onboarding process guidance, E-verify (if required), and employee assistance program support.

If your business struggles to offer a competitive benefits package, that’s also affordable, look no more. One of the greatest advantages of our Essential PEO is access to our Master Benefit Plans, which features a comprehensive suite of enterprise-level benefits at lower costs. 

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why our Essential PEO is the most popular among smaller businesses, though many choose to add the extra firepower of our Premium PEO.


As your business grows, you will need every advantage to improve performance and efficiency to stay ahead. Our Premium PEO levels up the benefits of our Essential PEO with productivity and workforce management advantages critical for larger-scale operations and companies that need detailed reporting.

UKG, formerly Kronos, a global leader in workforce management and human capital management (HCM) software, delivers impressive HR, payroll, and benefits capabilities. With its custom workflows, intuitive tools, and instant insights, you can develop more effective workforce strategies and make important decisions impacting performance and profitability. 

Expanded features of our Premium PEO plan include the time and labor management (TLM) module, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) module, ACA manager module, leave manager module, compensation management module, performance management module, onboarding process, access to recruitment/talent acquisition, benefits administration software, online benefits enrollment, benefits carrier connectivity, COBRA automation, and reconciliation of benefit bills. 

Contact us for an option that aligns your HR needs with your business goals and budget. 

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