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Posted by HR Division of Propel HR on 10/29/20 10:15 AM
HR Division of Propel HR
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Posted on: October 29, 2020

Meet one of our favorite clients in the pet industry, Snoozer Pet Products, a Greenville-based manufacturer of high-quality products for dogs, like beds, car seats, sofas, and pet accessories.  Like many small businesses, Snoozer Pet Products started with a passion. And as the pet business grew, so did the needs of this family-owned business. In 2014, Snoozer moved to a 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility — doubling the size of the previous facility. The expansion meant new employees, along another level of HR-related tasks and compliance issues. Here's a new video of Vice President of Operations Brian O'Donnell, along with a his furry friends, talking about the partnership betyween Snoozer and Propel.

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Did you know than an executive at a small to mid-sized business spends approximately 16 hours per week on administrative HR? That's two full days dealing with HR-related tasks, such as payroll, compliance, and paperwork. And that does not include the time devoted to managing employees.

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As a small business owner, you have a passion to do what you do, take care of clients, and grow your business. Yet, the administrative burdens of HR are often time-consuming, expensive, and confusing. Learn how a partnership with a trusted IRS-certified PEO, like Propel HR, can help. 

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About Propel HR. Propel HR is an IRS-certified PEO that has been a leading provider of human resources and payroll solutions for more than 20 years. Propel partners with small to midsized businesses to manage payroll, employee benefits, compliance and risks, and other HR functions in a way that maximizes efficiency and reduces costs.

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