Six Ways HRIS Technology Can Help Your Growing Business

Six Ways HRIS Technology Can Help Your Growing Business

Posted by Nathan Kittrell on 11/1/16 8:00 AM
Nathan Kittrell
Posted on: November 1, 2016

Congratulations! You had a record year and growth is exploding! 

A period of growth is an exciting time for a company, but unfortunately, it can also come with unwelcome headaches. Growing your business usually involves hiring new talent, and there are many steps during the recruiting and onboarding processes that an HR Manager must go through.


  • Develop position description
  • Post position to numerous job boards
  • Review Applicants
  • Screen and develop a “top candidate” list 
  • Interview
  • Select most qualified candidates
  • More interviewing
  • Hire employee

Wait! You’re not done yet… 


  • New Employee Application
  • W4 Completion 
  • I-9 Documentation
  • Direct Deposit form
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Background Authorization
  • Drug Testing
  • Handbook Acknowledgement
  • Harassment Policy & Substance Abuse Policy Acknowledgement Form 

As your company grows, so do your Human Resources needs, and so does the amount of information you’re required to report. All of the tasks mentioned above are time-consuming tasks that can be overwhelming to many HR Managers who are wearing multiple hats on a daily basis. 

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The business world is constantly evolving and continually moving forward, and Human Resources must evolve with it. Employee tracking is trending away from paper and toward electronic tracking through Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Simply put, if you are not managing your HR processes with an HRIS platform, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage to employers who are, and you are increasing the likelihood of reporting errors each time you touch an employee’s information.
As Millennials enter the workforce in increasing numbers, employee recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes are crucial to attracting top talent. Millennials are a tech savvy bunch, and they expect the same from their employers. Electronic tracking of HR not only makes it easier for your HR manager to manage their workflow when hiring, but it also makes things more streamlined for the potential employee.

An HRIS platform benefits your business in many different ways:

  1. Ability to reach a bigger pool of potential employees through process automation
  2. Decreased time spent recruiting and onboarding
  3. Increased accuracy of employee tracking and information
  4. Streamlined processes with standard workflow procedures
  5. Paper reduction (and therefore reduction in cost)
  6. Reduction in payroll errors

The recruiting process is the first impression an employee has of your company, so why would you handicap yourself by using outdated methods of tracking the employee recruiting and onboarding processes? Give yourself an advantage and start looking into HRIS platforms today. 

For more information on Propel HR’s Kronos HRIS platform, please visit our Custom Solutions page.

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