Human Resources Checklist for Fall 2016

Posted by Lee Yarborough on 9/15/16 10:58 AM
Lee Yarborough
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Posted on: September 15, 2016

I will miss the lazy days of summer, but there is nothing like the excitement of fall. Kids are back in school, people are focused at work, and there is a renewed sense of order. When I take my girls shopping for school supplies, I also get in the school spirit and buy a few things. September is the time of year when I can be the most productive with a clear mind and a cool new notebook!

Not only does September mean new office supplies, it also means that there are 4 more months to accomplish your annual goals and get ready for the New Year.

So pull out your fancy new notebook and add these HR tasks to your fall to-do list:

  • EEO-1 – if your company has more than 100 employees, is affiliated with another company that has more than 100 employees, or has 50 employees and is also a federal contractor, then the EEO-1 report must be completed annually by September 30th. The EEO-1 is a survey which categorizes employment data by race/ethnicity, gender and job category.  Please note that the 2017 submission is proposed to include pay data, so as you work on your report this year, keep in mind that next year may have additional requirements.
  • FLSA – Effective December 1, the salary level for employees to be exempt from overtime will increase to $913 per week (previously $455). The highly compensated salary level also increases. If you have not reviewed all of your employees’ exemption status, now is the time. Decisions must be made and if necessary, salaries need to be increased by December 1st. You can find more information on the upcoming FLSA changes here
  • ACA – This year, the IRS gave extended filing deadlines and leniency for companies who may not have handled ACA administration perfectly, but gave it a good faith effort. Don’t expect this for 2017. If you are a covered employer, now is the time to make sure your systems are solid, your waivers and enrollment forms are complete, and that you are ready for the January 31st filing deadline.
  • Inclement Weather Policy – Although the temperature gauge still registers in the high 80s, early fall is still the best time to think about winter. Review your inclement weather policy to determine if it is accurately practiced the way the policy reads. If not, revise and circulate to your team.
  • W-2 Filing – Before you know it, your payroll provider will be printing W-2s. Now is the time to help this process go smoothly. Check social security numbers for accuracy, confirm addresses for all employees, set reminders to calculate any fringe benefits, and make sure any disability forms are sent to the payroll team.

Use this HR to-do list as a starting point and start checking off the items. If you need some motivation, go buy yourself a cool new pen; I hear the back to school supplies are now on sale!

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