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Posted by Nathan Kittrell on 11/7/17 10:10 AM
Nathan Kittrell
Posted on: November 7, 2017

At Propel HR we trace our roots back over 20 years, when we began as a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and the PEO relationship has always been a great option for a large core of our clients. Nearly 10 years ago though we recognized that the business world was evolving and that we needed to offer new payroll and HR partnerships to fit our clients’ changing needs. Never wanting to pigeonhole our partners into a single type of relationship, we began offering all our services á la carte.

By offering our HR outsourcing solutions individually or as a full-service co-employment relationship, Propel HR has evolved with our partners as they’ve excelled and grown in a variety of industries. Adding this flexibility provided our clients with custom solutions to fit all types of different business scenarios and needs.

In hopes of educating our current clients and prospects about all the different services Propel HR offers, we’ve decided to put together a piece that goes over the high level version of our different service offerings. Some of the main areas we provide solutions in are:

  • Payroll Processing (that’s a given!)
  • Benefits Administration
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Comprehensive PEO Solutions
  • Time and Labor Management
  • ACA Compliance
  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

Payroll Processing

Payroll is the engine that drives everything from PTO to health benefits, so you have to make sure your business has a solid payroll process in place. While payroll is pretty standard from provider to provider, great customer service is not. The main thing you want to understand when looking for a payroll processor is the level of customer support they bring to the table. Are you always getting someone different when you call with questions about your payroll, or do you get the same friendly voice on the other end of the line every time you call? While this may not seem like a necessity, try explaining your issue to someone who’s never looked at your payroll before; it becomes crucial pretty quickly!

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Benefits Administration

To attract and retain top industry talent, good employee benefits are a must. If you don’t offer benefits to your employees, you could be losing top talent to your competition. In order to run a successful company you have to have talented leadership and employees in place, and that means your employees need to be satisfied in their positions.

Did you know 96% of employees that are satisfied with their benefits are satisfied with their jobs (Aflac)?

96% satisfaction is a staggering number, and that’s why Propel HR offers a whole host of different benefits packages to our partners. Not only do we have a master 401(k) policy, but we also offer a master health plan, and any other ancillary products you may need including dental, life, vision, and many more.

Do you have a broker you like working with? Unlike many national providers, Propel HR is willing and happy to work with any existing partnerships you may have. With larger, national providers many times it’s an “all or nothing” relationship when it comes to benefits. With Propel HR, we are happy to carve out any existing policies you have and work with your broker to ensure all your needs revolving around your benefits plans are met.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

Depending on your industry, workers’ compensation insurance can be one of your biggest expenditures, and we have several different ways we can help mitigate this cost at Propel HR. By offering a few different master workers’ comp policies, Propel HR has been able to solve several issues our partners have faced when dealing with workers’ comp insurance. By choosing to be a part of our master workers’ comp policy, many of our current clients have been able to eliminate their up-front premiums and year-end audits. By eliminating these two things, our partners have experienced better cash flow and more accurate projections for their expenditures in this area.

Did you know that workers’ comp fraud costs US employers tens of billions of dollars in stolen premiums and bogus claims?

By letting Propel HR manage your workers comp needs you’ll be able to increase cash flow and leverage your buying power with a large pool of policyholders.

Human Resources

Did you know that many entrepreneurs and business owners say managing their company is roughly 90% human resources? To sustain growth in your business you have to be able to attract and retain talented employees, and an effective HR strategy is key to continued employee satisfaction. By reviewing and bringing your HR policies up to date with industry standards, you are able to position your business as one that takes care of its most valuable resource—your employees.

Since our inception Propel HR has focused on being Human Resources experts. In our 20 years in HR consulting we have done everything from creating handbooks to doing a complete overhaul of HR policies, procedures, and practices. Whether you need a little HR help or a complete reworking of policies, we have several different relationship structures to fit any of your needs.

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Retirement Solutions

By offering affordable retirement solutions, you’re able to attract employees with vision enough to save for the future.

Did you know only 22% of US workers are “very certain” they have enough money to last them through retirement? Worse than that, as much as 45% of the US workforce has saved absolutely nothing for retirement.

One of the biggest headaches that comes along with offering a 401(k) is the administration of the policy. There are many different nuances that dictate how much an employer can put in vs. what an employee can put in, and if regulations aren’t followed, serious fines can result. When you choose to offer an employee 401(k) policy through Propel, we handle all the administration to ensure you’re legally compliant.

Comprehensive PEO Solutions

While the PEO relationship doesn’t fit every single business, it does provide a great solution to a diverse range of companies depending on the current state of operations. Many companies that choose the PEO relationship want to focus solely on growing their businesses without all the additional work that comes along with hiring employees.

Did you know that businesses who use a PEO are 50% less likely to go out of business and have 15% less employee turnover than industry averages?

Not only is employee turnover reduced, these businesses tend to grow at a rate of 7-9% faster than their competition. By selecting the PEO relationship you’ll be able to focus more on growing your company and less on Human Resources.

Propel HR has been designated by the IRS as a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO), which has been awarded to less than 10% of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) in the country, and we’re the only CPEO headquartered in the Carolinas. This certification places more safeguards in place for all of our PEO clients, and we are thrilled to be able to provide more protection for our valued partners.

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Time and Labor Management

With workplace schedule flexibility becoming the norm, it’s a must to compete in today’s business world. However, there are certain industries and types of work that require hours to be tracked for billing and wage purposes. Did you know that US employers lose nearly $400 billion in lost productivity due to “time theft”? By putting solid timekeeping and reporting procedures in place, you’re able to better track where time and resources are going in your business operations.

While all industries can benefit from closer monitoring of time and attendance, we have seen the most benefits when tracking time in throughout the manufacturing process. Many of our manufacturing clients handle the production of their products from beginning to end, and this means there are typically several cost centers for every product. By tracking useful time and attendance metrics, our partners have seen a more efficient use in both time and resources.

ACA Compliance

It is hard to find a more polarizing subject in Human Resources than healthcare. Regardless of what the healthcare environment looks like, we have a full team of benefits specialists that can walk you through any open enrollment, deduction codes, and healthcare plans that you come up against.

Did you know that an additional 17.6 million Americans have gained access to health insurance due to the ACA?

While offering a health plan to employees can sometimes be expensive, it’s a must to compete in your respective industry. By taking advantage of solutions offered by payroll and HR providers, many smaller businesses find that they are able to save considerable amounts of money by using a provider with a master health policy. In a nutshell this means your business is pooled together with other businesses to increase buying power and offer more affordable healthcare rates. If you would like more information on Propel HR’s master health plan, please reach out.

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Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

While paper will always be required for certain tasks (doodling, folding an origami swan, or making a paper airplane), it is quickly becoming a thing of the past when managing and tracking employee information.

Did you know that 75% of hiring and talent managers use some form of an HRIS system?

An HRIS system helps Human Resource professionals better track employee information, and if your system is compatible across all your pieces of HR software, you only need to input employee data once.

Statistics show that companies that use a newly upgraded HR software system see a cost savings of 22% per employee. By using an HRIS system, you aren’t simply just saving paper, you’re also saving countless hours of data entry while reducing the risk of manual data-entry mistakes. With Propel HR’s Kronos system, you input information once, and it is saved across the entire platform. No more touching employee data multiple times!

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While some businesses want a full service solution such as the PEO relationship, other companies want to be able to pick and choose their service offerings and tailor their solutions to fit their individual needs. Whether you’re in need of comprehensive services or just a few tailored solutions, Propel HR has the relationship model to fit your needs. If you would like any more information on our services, please feel free to reach out or submit a “Needs Assessment” on the homepage of our website. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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