Beyond Payroll: Why Propel HR Is Your Perfect ASO

Beyond Payroll: Why Propel HR Is Your Perfect ASO

Posted by Teresa Dick on 9/23/16 9:59 AM
Teresa Dick
Posted on: September 23, 2016

If you’ve ever outsourced payroll and human resources, you know it’s not easy. The relationships can be hard to manage, especially when you’ve got several vendors all treating you like a number.

Step one is getting your payroll processed like clockwork. Not so hard. But getting all your administrative and human resources functions working together: that’s a balancing act most companies struggle to achieve, let alone maintain.

Propel HR is a family company. When we do your payroll, you get more than a commodity. We strive to create real one-on-one relationships with everyone we work with. That’s why so many of them can say, with no hedging at all, that we’re the best payroll company they’ve ever worked with.

Enjoying one great relationship is far better than managing several sour ones. So when it comes to outsourcing the rest of your HR, we want to tell you how using Propel as your full-service ASO beats playing vendor roulette.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is an ASO?

Simply put, an Administrative Services Organization (ASO) provides outsourced administration and human resources. Its defining feature is that the client organization remains the employer of record, unlike with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

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Beyond this simple definition, ASO’s differ widely. Be wary of any company that claims to be the “best ASO” in town. Ask them: Are you talking about payroll, benefits, compliance -- what?

Why Propel HR Is Better Than the Average Payroll Company

Just about every ASO offers payroll. So do we. Time-consuming to manage and difficult to perfect, few aspects of doing business are more important to get right every time than processing your employees’ pay.

Propel gets the job done right, but that’s not what makes our payroll special.

We founded our company on family values, and this defines everything we do. We invest in creating real, one-on-one relationships with customers because we know that your appreciation is the most valuable thing we can work toward.

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And so we give every client a dedicated point of contact, not just a customer service rep, but a working member of our payroll services team. We schedule time to communicate, learn your expectations, and get to know your company so that, if the time comes, we can solve any issue as quickly as if we were your in-house HR department.

And thanks to the close relationships we make with businesses like yours, we can help you even more as you achieve the success you’ve been working toward.

Get More Services With the Same Great Relationship

We love it when our clients grow. It’s a sign of your success and our own.

As you grow you’ll start doing more and more for your employees, creating a growth strategy, and planning for how to expand your infrastructure and provide new services. These may include:

  • Employment law compliance.
  • Workers’ compensation claims.
  • Insurance benefits and retirement plans.
  • Human resources consultations.
  • User-friendly technologies enabling all of the above.

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For many companies, handling these needs means managing new relationships with several vendors. Getting anything done with one of them can be pain, let alone all of them.

We hope you’ll consider choosing Propel as your full-service ASO provider, especially if you’ve been part of our payroll family in the past. As a payroll client, your dedicated service person brings Propel’s knowledge of compliance, finance, benefits, claims and implementation to bear in helping you assess your future growth needs.

If you decide to outsource your HR functions with Propel, you’ll keep the same point-of-contact and get the same great customer service you’ve grown accustomed to as a payroll client. And for us, we get the opportunity to further help your company succeed, a privilege we hold in high regard.

Propel Past Payroll to Friendly Full-Service HR

With any luck, your company will be going through growing pains for a long time to come. We believe that great customer service is the most important thing an ASO can provide.

If you’d like your many human resources functions cared for by someone who has a personal investment in you and your business, consider Propel HR for your payroll and beyond.

Let us help propel your business forward. Call us at (800) 446-6567, email us or schedule a time to talk. Whether you’ve just heard of Propel or already know us well, we can provide a free assessment of your HR strengths and weaknesses.

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