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Posted by Lee Yarborough on 2/16/17 10:15 AM
Lee Yarborough
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Posted on: February 16, 2017

As a CEO or business owner, you run through your day focused on one thing – growing your business. Each day, you meet with people, look at numbers and analyze processes: all of which work towards the goal of growth and profitability. That is why you are successful. 

Then something happens that makes you put on your brakes. Maybe it’s a disagreement between your employees which stops production, or maybe an employee didn’t show up to work because of a late night out. Regardless, your job just changed. Your focus moved from growth to just getting the train back on the tracks. 

Managing people is difficult. Just when I think I have seen everything that could happen from an HR perspective, I see something new! I advise people daily on how to handle unusual personnel issues, yet I am still constantly surprised. 

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As the leader of your company, it is imperative that you keep your focus on growth and profitability. However, personnel issues will arise and you must be prepared.

    1. Avoid the knee jerk reaction. Take a deep breath before speaking and gather your thoughts.
    2. Have a process and communicate it. If all personnel issues are to be funneled to a certain person in your organization, make sure your employees know who this is. Once the process is established, the organization can run more effectively. Set up the proper chain of command, but understand that you will need to get involved on escalated issues. 
    3. Know the basic employment laws. There may be both personal and corporate liability for discrimination, harassment and compliance laws. Don’t be in the dark. 
    4. Consult with your HR department or legal team.
    5. Document, Document, Document.
    6. Hire an HR consultant. Your company may be too small for a full time HR staff member, but you are not too small to be sued. Outsourcing your human resources functions is a wise and cost effective solution.

Maintain your focus on growth, but be prepared for any personnel issue. Trust me, when dealing with people, you never know what to expect.  


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