8 Human Resource Resolutions to Help Your Business in 2017

8 Human Resource Resolutions to Help Your Business in 2017

Posted by Lee Yarborough on 1/4/17 9:34 AM
Lee Yarborough
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Posted on: January 4, 2017

January brings a fresh start in business. There is an air of excitement about sales goals and the prospect of increased profitability. The old year is being closed, W-2s are being processed, and plans for 2017 are underway. As your company begins the New Year, don’t forget to consider your most valuable resources and make some HR resolutions as well.

Here are 8 ways to get your 2017 off to a great HR start:

Review your employee handbook. When was the last time it was reviewed? Do the employees understand it? Are the policies reflected in the actual practice?

Be e-savvy. Implement a social media policy, Google job candidates, and monitor your company’s online reputation.

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Increase employee training. There are many cost effective options. Training is vital for the growth of your business as a whole and your employees individually.

Recognize performance. Over the past few years, many employees have had to work harder without reward. While budgets may still be tight, get creative and show your employees how valuable they are.

Document! Management must document employee performance. Be truthful and stick to job performance. Even a “verbal” warning needs to be documented in some form to prove that it happened.

Evaluate honestly. Good leaders use annual evaluations as a time for honest and constructive critiques. Reward employees who are performing exceptionally, but if an employee is just doing what is expected, don’t rate him a “10.” Honesty can be difficult, but thoughtful, constructive evaluations pay off. By setting expectations and evaluating the good and bad honestly, you can increase productivity and morale.

Deal with issues when they happen. A small problem will only escalate if not handled in a timely manner. Don’t procrastinate and let a non-issue fester into an HR mess.

Outsource. Outsourcing Human Resources is the answer for HR success. By partnering with experts in the HR field, you can focus more of your time on your own business. Whether you decide to outsource payroll only or a more robust package of HR solutions, you can save time and money and help keep your business compliant during a time of ever-changing HR laws and regulations.

Start your company’s New Year by resolving to take care of your employees. When you do, you help uplift morale, reduce employee turnover, and boost job performance. You protect your company and avoid costly regulatory fines. Most importantly you increase productivity and promote growth. Not a bad way to start the year!

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