Will the Real Leader Stand Up?

Posted by Lee Yarborough on 4/6/16 11:30 AM
Lee Yarborough
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Posted on: April 6, 2016

I can’t open a paper, turn on the television, or look online without seeing the daily details of the presidential campaign. As a patriot and a true believer in American ideals, it is quite disheartening to see how this campaign is unfolding. I’m not sure if it’s the media, the voters, the candidates themselves, or all of the above, but it seems that the focus of this campaign is on internal fighting and not on what makes a true leader.

So as the candidates continue to fight amongst themselves about who is the best, let us take time to develop our own leadership qualities.

Honesty: Strong leaders live their lives with honesty and integrity. They not only “talk the talk” but they “walk the talk” as well. Their character builds respect among the people they lead.

Compromise and Decisiveness: Leaders are able to evaluate each situation uniquely and look at every alternative to find a solution. The solution is often a compromise. By listening to others and looking at problems from many viewpoints, leaders can weigh the alternatives. But when it is time to make a tough decision, leaders don’t hesitate to take action.

Accountability: The best leaders take responsibility for their own actions as well as their team’s. They do not just rule from above, but they often get into the trenches. When problems arise, they identify them quickly and work to get things back on track.

Confidence: Leaders naturally have a sense of confidence. This trait instills respect and people are drawn to confident leaders. Leaders know how to handle pressure and still remain calm.

Inspiration: A true leader inspires others to work hard and be their best. Leaders possess passion and a sense of purpose which inspires the people they lead.

Leadership is found everywhere, not just in politics and the board room. There are leaders in every group and organization, from churches to PTA’s to social gatherings. Everyone can be a leader in some aspect of their lives, whether at home, at work or with friends, and everyone can improve their leadership skills and develop the right traits for success.

I have full faith in the American system, but until the time when a candidate steps forward to act like a real leader, I think we should look internally and strive to be the best leaders we can be in our own lives.

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