Elevating Customer Service through Communication

Elevating Customer Service through Communication

Posted by Lee Yarborough on 6/23/16 3:30 PM
Lee Yarborough
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Posted on: June 23, 2016

As the President of a company, I am tasked with many jobs. Unfortunately, one of those jobs is to handle any elevated customer complaints. Thankfully, I don't receive many calls from unhappy clients, but when I do, this means that the client is frustrated to the point of the "last straw". Over the years, I have realized that most of these calls can be avoided altogether if communication with clients is improved. Mistakes can always happen, but many mistakes can be avoided with proper communication.

Here are some simple ways to improve client communication in any office environment.

Review and Respond to Open Emails. Even if you have to tell a client that you can't get to their request at the time, you need to set an appropriate time for completion and honor it.

Return All Voicemails within 3 Hours. If you are gone for a whole day, change your voice mail to reflect that.

AdobeStock_271305641-1Pick Up the Phone. All too often, we hide behind emails. Remember, email is for CONFIRMATION, NOT COMMUNICATION. After you talk to the client, send an email to confirm the discussion points.

Raise Your Hand. If you are too busy to handle a client request, ask a teammate or manager.

LISTEN. Make sure you listen to the entire problem before you offer solutions. Sometimes people just want to vent and feel heard. By actively listening, you validate their concerns.

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Share Progress Updates. If you are working on a big project, communicate updates regularly.

Own Your Mistakes. We all make mistakes. It is much easier when you admit it, learn from it and then work towards a resolution. This approach also makes it easier for management to stand behind you and help with the resolution. Defensiveness and negative energy do not help work towards a solution.

Communication is the basis of any good relationship and this is especially true of your relationships at work. In today's busy world, we are all guilty of not taking the time to communicate properly with each other. By working daily to improve communications, the end result will be an elevated level of customer service. And that means fewer calls to the President!

Propel HR President Lee Yarborough was recently elected Chair of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) Board of Directors. 

PEO Insider cover Oct 2020She spoke with PEO Insider magazine to share where she thinks the industry is headed and how NAPEO can continue to grow. Download a pdf version of the full interview:  A Passion To Serve 

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