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The Propel Difference: Best HR Industry Customer Care

What does it mean if the only time you talk to your HR partner is when something goes wrong? How does it make you feel when you never talk to the same person twice?

You call them with a problem and they say they’ll look into it. So you wait and nothing happens.

You call them back and talk to someone new. They say they’ll look into it. So you wait. Maybe it even gets fixed this time around. Not so bad, right?

But if you’re at a growing company, you may be managing several of these relationships simultaneously. You’d like to work with someone for whom communication and trust are more than just talking points in a sales brochure, but who actually backs it up.

That’s the kind of company Propel HR is. And if you’d like to know just how much that a real relationship with an HR vendor benefits our partners, keep reading.

Our Values Guide Us: Family, Community, Charity

Propel HR began as a family company. For us, that meant serving the community of Greenville and build lasting relationships with its citizens, businesses and civic entities, in addition to growing our own successful company.

Those values have defined every customer relationship we’ve forged. They made us who we are today and will continue guiding us as long as we exist.

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At Propel, we’ve set up our services so that we get to know your business on a personal level over time. That may sound easy, but it’s not. As in any real relationship, it takes time, commitment and trust.

But it’s always worth it. We’ve found that when we know and care about our customers, working together is never a chore, but a partnership that creates lasting rewards on both sides the longer the relationship lasts.

That’s why we strive to incorporate our beliefs in the way we do business and provide what we hope is the best customer service in the industry. Here’s how:

  • We Believe Your Payroll Relationship Matters

    Payroll services are a commodity these days. Most vendors get it right most of the time. That’s fine, so long as there’s never a problem. It’s the moment something doesn’t go quite right that you discover just how much more valuable a real relationship would be.

    In an industry where too many companies push you through in the door, set you up, and never talk to you again, Propel HR believes that “getting it right” is the least we can do.

    We check in with you on a regular basis — not just in the beginning — to make sure your company is properly processing its payroll and meeting its compliance deadlines. 

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Then we go many steps further. We look closely at your expectations and strive to meet them. We discuss your future goals and the ways to achieve them. We help your company spot areas to improve and suggest ways to change things for the better.

  • We Believe a Longer Relationship + Better Service = Increased Growth

It’s unfortunate that so many ASOs treat businesses like yours as just another part of their process. It’s become so common that many in-house human resources people now expect poor customer service from their HR vendors.

We set a higher standard. When Propel is your ASO, a member of our service team is your dedicated contact — never a call center rep, but someone who works on your issues personally while always striving to learn more about your organization.

  • We Believe Relationships Must Be Earned, Not Sold

Some vendors will tell you they always have the best product at the lowest price with the best customer service, and that you should always outsource everything with them.

At Propel, we let our genuine concern for your business do the selling. Our team will provide ongoing assessment of your existing HR strengths and weaknesses and help you see new ones as you grow.

If you have a problem area, we’ll show you why it exists and the right way to fix it. And if we do have the solution, we’ll show you how and why it works.

  • We Believe Only Real Relationships Foster Genuine Customer Care

If you’ve ever worked with big HR outsourcers, you know that many of them are more interested in your business than your appreciation, trying to upsell you than getting to know you, and creating dependencies instead of helping you become a better company.

When they treat their customers as mere pocketbooks or problems to be gotten rid of, no real vendor relationship exists at all. Their promises of care are impossible to fulfill.

Real customer care means delivering on that promise. By building real relationships, Propel can do something its HR competitors can’t: say we care -- and prove it.

We would never have it any other way. Why should you?

If you want an HR partner that will invest in caring for your company, please give us a call at (800) 446-6567, email or contact us online.

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Paul Garrigan

Paul Garrigan

Paul has been involved in the payroll and human resource outsourcing industry for the majority of his 28-year career. Among many other accomplishments, Paul has helped start two companies from the ground floor and empowered each of them grow to over 150 employees each.