Bring Summer to the Office

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Bring Summer to the Office

Ah, Summer! Remember running barefoot, eating popsicles, and playing kick the can until you were called home for dinner? Now, as an adult, summer has lost some of its allure. Days are spent inside looking at a computer screen instead of outside next to a pool. Recently, I took off early one day and took my daughter to get a snow cone. I felt like a kid again.

Summer is more than a season; it’s a feeling. Truthfully, we all need a little bit of “summer” each year to keep us sane and to keep our priorities in check.

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How can you run a business and manage employees with a summer mentality, and yet stay professional? After enjoying that snow cone, I started trying to come up with ideas to help our whole staff feel like its summer at Propel HR:

  • Summer hours: Can your business meet demands and allow employees flexible summer hours? Many companies offer employees shorter work hours on Fridays, while keeping the office covered through a rotation system. A few extra hours a week to go to the pool or lake does wonders employee morale.
  • Sweet treats: Who says kids are the only ones who need an ice cream break? Make your own sundaes or call the ice cream truck to come to your office. It is always a huge hit that brings laughter to your staff.
  • Summer vacations: Many employees will be taking time off this summer, so make sure your shifts are filled and that your clients’ needs are being met. Prepare for this by cross training and communicating schedules to the staff.
  • Summer social: Whether you plan a cook-out or a potluck, celebrate the season with a social for your team. Get creative and have fun!

Unfortunately, as adults, work has taken the place of our summers off, but there is no reason you can’t still have a little summer fun at the office. It will make you feel like a kid again!

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Lee Yarborough

Lee Yarborough

Lee Yarborough and her father, Braxton Cutchin, founded the company in 1996. She has served on the Board of Directors of NAPEO and currently serves as the Chair for the NAPEO Carolinas Leadership Council. In 2015, she was named a Fellow of the eleventh class of the Liberty Fellowship Program and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Lee also serves on the Executive Board of Public Education Partners and is the founder and director of Read Up Greenville, a young adult and middle grades book festival in downtown Greenville, SC.