9 Ways You Can Save Time and Reduce Payroll Errors Using an HRIS

9 Ways You Can Save Time & Reduce Payroll Errors Using an HRIS

A Free Webinar Training by PropelHR

FREE Webinar Training:

9 Ways You Can Save Time and Reduce Payroll Errors Using an HRIS

January 12th at 2:00 PM EST

Has your business experienced record growth this year? If so - Congratulations! 

Chances are now you're bogged down with all kinds of tasks; from recruiting and onboarding new employees to additional payroll processing needs and much more.

After two decades of helping many businesses with their HR needs, we understand the stresses that can bring on your business. That's why we created this free training to show you 9 ways you can save time and money for your growing and thriving organization!  

In this free training we'll help you:

  • Save time leveraging the power of automation
  • Reduce payroll errors by increasing reporting accuracy
  • Save money with better HR management 

Your success is our fuel. We exist to propel your business forward.

Eliminate waste caused by outdated and inaccurate time-tracking methods, and gain the benefit of reports and data insights to help fine tune your business operations like never before. 

Register for this free training today and don't let time-consuming and complicated headaches keep you from moving your business forward

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