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Covid-19 Vaccination Plan Checklist

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FREE Covid-19 Vaccination Plan Checklist

As Covid-19 vaccines become more available, employers should think about how to handle vaccines in the workplace. Developing a vaccination plan is the first place to start.
  • Will your vaccination program be mandatory or voluntary?
  • How long will you give employees to get their vaccination and the required follow-up shot?
  • How will you handle tracking and enforcing both shots?
  • How will you handle remote, temporary, and pregnant workers?
  • What about customers and vendors?
  • How does your health insurance plan apply?
  • Are your employees and your business protected?

Our free Vaccination Plan Checklist will help you answer these questions and create a plan specific to your business.

Complete the form on the right to download your Vaccination Plan Checklist. Protect your employees, your customers and your business.

There are many complex questions to consider before developing a vaccination plan for your business. If you need help formulating a plan, please reach out. Our expert HR Team can work with you on a project basis, giving you access to the benefits of superior customer service enjoyed by our Essential and Premium PEO partners.


PLEASE NOTE: This information is for general reference purposes only. As we continue to work during an active pandemic, laws, regulations, and filing deadlines are likely to change. Please check with the appropriate organizations or government agencies for the latest information and consult your employment attorney and/or benefits advisor regarding your responsibilities. In addition, your company may be exempt from certain requirements and/or be subject to different requirements under the laws of your state. (Updated February 17, 2021)


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Is your business protected? To find out, download your Vaccination Plan Checklist and start developing your plan.